Music and piano have always been an essential part of Victor’s childhood. Beginning with private and group lessons, his classical music training followed the RCM curriculum, with Music Theory, Applied Theory, and Harmony lessons.

From 2008 onward, he continued his studies under the guidance of Joseph Fridman (M.Mus), and during the next 6 years specialized in the interpretation of works by Frederic Chopin as well as piano pedagogy. In addition, he attended countless workshops, lectures, and masterclasses, whose authors include: Joseph Fridman, Mikolaj Warszynski, Dale Wheeler, Alexander Tselyakov, and Sylvia Shadick-Taylor.

As an Instructor, he is constantly improving and refining his methods to deliver a fun, interactive and nurturing lesson experience. Victor has been teaching piano and theory students of varying ages and abilities since 2015 and is currently writing a book on music pedagogy and practicing.

Currently teaches local and international students through online courses.

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